Get More of Your Existing Internet Bandwidth

It's a perfect solution for those who are willing to get more of their limited bandwidth. It allows you to transfer more information within the same bandwidth capacity (within the same volume of data) thus saving you a lot of money while improving user surfing experience. No need to subscribe for a higher speed Internet. It not only optimizes your Internet traffic by compressing major web objects but it also caches part of your traffic.
CompressBox is a software appliance that is designed to be installed on your own hardware appliance within few minutes. It's an hassle free solution under Linux containing an already pre-installed/configured 64 bits Linux OS, a Proxy server and Unveil Technology unique compression Engines. Configuration and management of your CompressionBox are easily done with a built-in Graphical Web Console.
With CompressBox you can easily increase by up to 35% your transferred data volume thus saving significant amount of money. Installed in your network CompressBox will compress and then cache web contents like images and other HTTP objects (see below). CompressBox supports and compresses multiple image formats (png, jpg, jpeg, gif). By default CompressBox reduces images size by 25% using advanced algorithms (lossless quality) thus image quality remains very good. Other HTTP objects are compressed by using latest HTTP 1.1 technologies now supported by all major web browsers making an average of 50% compression.
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How to transfer ISO file to an USB drive: Step-by-Step
For ISPs
CompressBox can help you to offer more data volume to your customers for the same price.
CompressBox reduces your traffic consumption from your Internet backbone avoiding extra costs.
CompressBox is really fast and efficient and delivers immediate Return On investment.
For Satellite Operators
Offer better Internet surfing experience to your customers by maximizing their bandwidth by allowing more data volume for the same plan.
CompressBox is completely transparent to your users who will enjoy better Internet experience.
CompressBox will help to get more happy customers while improving your overall revenue from more customers.
For Entreprises
If you don't want to pay more for a bigger bandwidth then CompressBox is the perfect solution for you.
Your users will pleased to benefit from a faster response time from your existing Internet connexion.
CompressBox helps to save significant amount of money and delivers immediate Return On investment .
Main Features
  • Browsers Compatibility
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Safari
    • Opera
    • Etc...
  • Images Compression, 35% minimum
    • GIF
    • JPG
    • JPEG
    • PNG
  • HTTP Compression, up to 50% average
    • atom+xml
    • javascript
    • json
    • opentype
    • rss+xml
    • svg+xml
    • x-font-ttf
    • x-javascript
    • x-icon
    • x-web-app-manifest
    • xhtml+xml
    • xml
    • etc...
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Users
  • ISO Software Appliance solution ready to download
  • ISO file containing an already pre-configured Linux OS
  • Easy to Install on your own hardware or software appliance
  • 64 bits OS
  • Installation in few minutes
  • No extra manual installation or configuration required
  • Works on Hardware or Virtual Appliance
  • Transparent Proxy and Cisco WCCP2 compatible
  • Includes a web graphical console for easy configuration & management:
    • Modern graphical console
    • Realtime and Mbps graphs
    • No need to manually configure setting files
    • Rapid access to configuration with web console
  • Easy Customizable Solution
  • Ready to use solution
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